4 Ways to Reduce Air Freight Forwarding Costs

Packaging Optimization

This means that you reduce the packing materials to quantity and the thickness to transfer goods. An excellent question is how much air Freight Forwarding is being transported and paid for in your supply chain? The bleeding cash here is packaging volume is not being used in your supply chain.

4 Ways to Reduce Air Freight Forwarding Costs

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By optimizing packaging that you save money on raw materials for packaging, transport (since it's possible to ship more for the exact same price of a single container), and warehousing and even damaged goods prices.

Container Optimization

In precisely the exact same way in which you can lower the amount of air, you can cut down on the amount of air. Containers are as customizable as cardboard, but boxes can be loaded, by loading cargo containers. This translates to reduce shipping price per box or per unit.

Use Larger Containers

Another source of transportation cost savings lies in using containers that are larger. Logistics companies offer volume discounts for larger shipments. This means less per unit charges when you send items or boat. You should endeavor to ship product if your business model permits. You're guaranteed shipping cost per unit, while the shipment will cost more.

Traffic Routing Optimization

The distance between two points is a straight line. It's also the cheapest. Your cargo agent should be able to offer you the choice of a path possible if don't hesitate to take your business elsewhere. Create and implement a guide to obtain discounts and audit your freight bills to apply routing carrier and manual usage.

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