5 Tips On Planning Simple Wedding

Wedding is an intimate affair that involves two people going to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Indeed the day is special for them. There has been a trend developed to throw extravagant parties on wedding which is sheer waste of money. It is later when the bills are raised you realise this. One needs to plan wedding in such a way that intense waste of money is avoided without affecting the essence and joy of the occasion. Plan along with your close ones over choice of things such as cheap wedding reception venues that are beautiful as well, wedding dress, guest list etc. Here are 5 tips to keep your wedding simple and happening as well:

Keep it Low Key

Keep your wedding low key. Do not make much of the hype out of it. All it matters is that your friends, relatives and close ones are excited for the day. Do not over socialise the event such that you invite unwanted obligations to invite more than required people.

Invite Only Friends And Family

It is only your close friends, family members and some of your relatives who have most of excitement for the special occasion. Plan your wedding in such a way that all these people make the best out of it. Invite not more than necessary. This way you can save spending on the temporary ones and allocated that to make your party with small gathering beautiful.

Flexible wedding venue

Sydney is a city of large businesses. You do not usually find affordable wedding venues sydney. Make sure the venue owners provide flexibility by making facilities for small gathering and charging according to the strength of gathering.

Avoid Show Off

People tend to spend a lot on props, expensive photo booths, and a lot more show off stuff. This leads to nothing but a burden on your pockets. Better it is to avoid it.

Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is must. No matter your wedding is low key or lavish, a beautiful wedding cake must make it into the occasion.

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