Five Tips to Have an Epic Thailand Bike Tour


Bike tours have become a trend in the past few years; people enjoy travelling on their bicycles for sightseeing. The actual beauty of doing so is that it takes you places that are difficult to go on cars or on foot. When you are taking a bike tour, you get to experience the nature as is.

1. Look Out For The Sun

In Thailand, temperature usually rises above 35 degrees making it extremely hot and humid. Wear clothes that aren’t too tight or warm along with caps or helmets. Keep yourself hydrated and carry extra bottles with you. Good thing is that you can buy water along the trail. Another great trick is to take the tour between sunrise and 9 am.

2. Local Map

Best place to find a local map is from the bike shops, carrying home bought map isn’t advised as it will direct you towards the main roads.

3. Local Food

If you are willing to try out new cuisines, then you must try the local food items available on the streets of Thailand.

4. Opt for the Empty Roads

Go for the roads that seem empty or less travelled and take bike rides. These are the tracks that will allow you to enjoy the nature at its fullest. You don’t have to worry about the heavy traffic on these trails. Hellfire Pass Map has a very hollow and empty feel to, it mimics the horrors of hell and the museum constructed there has become a tourist spot.

5. Do Not Carry Tent Weight

The best thing about travelling in Thailand is that it accommodates all sorts of budgets. So, you don’t have to carry the extra weight as you will find everything there.

If you are interested in bike tours, keep these tips in mind for an epic experience.

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