All You Need To Know About Liveaboard Diving

The term’liveaboard’ does not appear in several dictionaries, mainly because it’s a recently made-up word to describe a scuba diving trip for at least two days on a ship. It is quite obvious how the term came about; passengers live aboard the boat and dive around four times every day.

For most passengers, it is all about the diving but there are occasions when non-diving guests combine, or divers do not need to dive four times every day.

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As a result of this, the ships attempt to provide luxury and comfort for those on board within the budget. Liveaboard diving is becoming increasingly more popular, particularly in tropical and subtropical sub-tropical seas. Prices vary, as do the sort of diving websites.

Luxury levels can change from cheaply converted fishing boats with al fresco sleeping or no air conditioning to five-star and fine dining aboard big yachts and tiny ships. There are a couple of things to consider when deciding on the best choice for a liveaboard trip.

The first for many people is where on earth they would like to dive. It’s crazy to decide on the ideal ship package but be diving in waters or with marine life which are not what you are after. Liveaboard diving is offered in many diverse countries like Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia and those from the Caribbean.