Carpet Cleaning Tips By Type Of Stain

As a homeowner, it's likely you have a lot of carpeting in your home. That carpeting can make it difficult to keep your home fully clean when stains occur. Dealing with various types of stains is something that you'll inevitably have to deal with one point or another. Here is a quick guide to help you treat the different substances that may unexpectedly invade your carpet. 

Gum – If you have kids, it's likely you've dealt with this stain before. Dealing with gum is a bit different than a liquid substance. The best thing you can do is to put ice over the gum. You want to freeze it in chunks so that it's easier to remove. Once the gum is frozen, use a flat knife or similar object to scrap at the carpet and remove the chunks of gum.

Makeup – Ladies, we're all guilty of this from time to time. You get distracted trying to answer the phone or pick up the kid and drop your makeup on the carpet. This type of stain can usually be cleaned with simple dish soap. We advise you to avoid using makeup remover as much as possible as it may alter the look of your carpets.

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Regular Vacuuming Vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning: Which Is Better?

There's a lot of talk about how to clean your carpets the right way. Many individuals think that professional carpet cleaning is expensive and end up taking their own approach to cleaning. Others know the value of professional cleaning and have no problem paying for the quality of service they get. Which option is the best for your home?

It's vital to consider the health of your carpets. They are what you walk on every single day. You want them to be comfortable. You also want them to look new. Rundown carpets with stains on them are not that appealing. If you think your carpets look dirty, it's likely your guests will think the same thing as you. This is why it's so important to realize what clean carpets are worth to your well-being.

Regular vacuuming is a must for any homeowner. There's no cure to forgetting to do this on a regular basis. You should aim for at least once a week for each carpet in your room. If areas get used more than others, they should be cleaned more than the others. This type of vacuuming deals with the surface debris. You want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Surface debris that is left unattended can be ground deep into the carpet fibers when you walk on your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning State College is vital to keeping your carpets rejuvenated each year. It's recommended that you call in a professional in the spring months to clean your carpets. When the professional comes out, they use specialized equipment that gets deep into the carpet fibers. These fibers are too far out of reach of your traditional home vacuum.