What is the basic premise for Indian painters like Thota Vaikuntam today?

A few decades ago, Indian painters were engaged in the Bollywood movies, painting the sets, and ensuring that the movie posters would be able to get the right amount of pizzazz and color. However, those days are long past. Now, in the era of digitization, one can honestly say that Indian painters have been able to move their trade onto painting in the canvases. Of course, the going’s staff, and even when veteran painters like Thota Vaikuntam get their own art galleries, it can be a tough time to get people to purchase their art. However, the situation in India is slowly changing by the day.

Nowadays, you get people that are more than eager to loosen their purse strings, to understand that paintings deserve a lot of recognition, not only for the painter, but also for the art that he has been able to peddle. Of course, there are also a lot of people that seem to be snobbish and the idea of spending money behind the paintings. However, if you look at it, Indian paintings done by Thota Vaikuntam have been slowly getting appreciated for their color, and the price of paintings are definitely on the rise. If you are an art collector, this is the chance for you to snag of these paintings at a wonderful discount.