Selling Fixed Annuities Faster and Easier With Videos

If you're advertising set allowances, and you are not using videos in your sales process – you're passing up on a successful way to activate the eye of clients, potential clients, leads, and recommendations.

Studies show that 5 out of 6 people like to hear & watching videos – than to learn text, pay attention to a loudspeaker, or click on through PowerPoint slides. You can visit Say Goodbye to Pictures to know more about selling with video.

That's because sound/video is better to comprehend, can notify a far more interesting storyline, and make a far more compelling impression.

So when done by an authorized (not you) videos are subconsciously regarded as more goal, credible, and trustworthy.

Providing Fixed Annuities through Training seminars or Workshops

In the event that you conduct training seminars or workshops to achieve possible clients, there are various ways to utilize videos inside your current process:

Within the invitation: whether you advertise your invitation or send it out by email, you can include a video for example of exactly what will be explained or discussed in your demonstration, which can intrigue visitors to sign up.

In the verification: when you validate someone's booking, by cellphone or by email, you can keep these things watch a video recording – again, for example of what you will be talking about in the workshop, which can create expectation and expectation and therefore increase attendance.

In the workshop: videos can even be used to bring in a subject or theory to your audience, which is an outstanding way to keep people centered and attentive, while also getting everyone on a single page. You can have a look at this site to get more info.

Selling Preset Annuities to Leads or Referrals

In the event that you buy leads or solicit recommendations from clients or other specialists (like accountants and lawyers), there are two ways to make use of videos inside your current sales process:

Instead of phoning your prospect to create an in-person meeting, or even to discuss their need or interest, you just inquire further a question: "easily send you a brief five-minute training video on (theme or idea) by email – do you want to watch it?"