New 24 Movie To Be Different From The Show Claims Sutherland

Yeah friends, you read it right!

Kiefer Sutherland has claimed that the movie version of the action drama series would be very different.

However, he also admitted that the basics won’t change.

Quite naturally, no actor would like to see his role diminish, due to some changes in the basic plotline. In case you want to catch Sutherland in the swashbuckling role of CTU agent Jack Bauer, simply download 24.

Recently in Japan, the hunk said, “Some amazing filmmakers have made themselves available to make the film (24), so we’re very excited.”

Well, I guess most of the fans of the show are also waiting anxiously to watch the exciting TV show being made into a film.

Considering the plotline of 24 TV show, I’d say it’s very viable for a movie adaptation.

With Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), the CTU agent, in an effort to crack down heavily on the world’s most dreaded terror groups and their heinous plans, 24 movie is going to appeal the fans as well as critics.

While talking about the upcoming project, Sutherland hinted that the film will not show the hero in win-win situations, every time. In fact, it will also have some ‘bad days’ for Jack.

Moving on, the actor also spoke about the emotional final-day shooting of season 8 finale. According to him, the entire crew was like a family. If you want to recall Sutherland’s last performance as Jack Bauer, then watch 24 season 8 episode 24 online.

I guess, every star would share the same kind of feeling, after having spent eight long years on a single show.

The actor revealed that during those eight seasons, as many as 16 weddings took place and around 30 children got to see the first light of life!

Quite amazing, isn’t it?

In case you wish to revisit all the amazing moments of the action series, catch 24 full episodes online.

Coming back to the film; the star informed that it would be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day. This means we are going to have all the excitement and action in a very compressed dose.

So catch it when it hits your screens, eventually!