Does Period Proof Panties Work?

Just about the only way you can really prove to yourself if a product works or not is to try it yourself. This could be true if you are interested in buying period underwear to use during your menstrual cycle. However, I can tell you first hand that I love them and have read many testimonies from other women that swear by them and would not be without them ever again!

The whole purpose of period underwear is to provide extra protection for your clothes when you have menstruating. There is no other feminine product out there that can virtually guarantee to keep your dry and stain free. Many women with bladder leakage also use them for their issue as well. Bamboo period panties are really popular because since the panties themselves are reusable, they might as well purchase the ones that are made with such a renewable product.

Not only is the bamboo renewable, it is also very absorbent. Viscose bamboo fabric is extremely soft and supple as well. If you must have a period, then why not buy the underwear that will feel like you are wearing a luxury brand, but one that also delivers a little extra confidence and peace of mind while you endure your period each month? A website like Bedspace or others can help you discover more about this amazing product.