The Problems Of The Minorities In Fictional World

Now that the majority of the world is the super hero, we still need to worry about the minority, because 20 percent is no small deal. As in the real world right now, the difficulties that various minorities have to encounters are still unsettling, like the Best manga to read has depicted. In the Boku, no Hero Academia series, being a minority can be quite painful. While others can fly, jump ultra high can control the gravity, you can just sit there and watch them. But hey, at least you are special in this world. That is the case of the hero of the series: Deku.

Which superheroes were born without any power at all? Batman? Ironman? But these guys are born with some kinds of real life super powers: lots of money and incredible martial arts. I personally think if I have that much money and flexibility, I too would be a super hero. But in real life, I am just a normal guy that spends my life earning money to life day by day, and read all the new chapters of Read free manga books online that has just come out. That is just like Deku, he has no money, he has no inborn talent for martial arts, and he idolizes the superheroes just like the way we are obsessed with our manga. In the Boku no Hero Academia series, the greatest hero of all heroes is called All Might, who is Deku's biggest idol. There is nothing he wants more than becoming like All Might, to save lives with a smile on his face, to ensure that everyone feels safe. But what to do now if Deku was not born with a quirk? Since he was young, he was getting punched by reality everyday while people keep telling him he could never become like that. As he said: at the age of 4, he has found out that he is not like the others: he is inferior, he has no quirk, and he will never develop one. Yeah, let's throw into the story some more tragedy: everyone else in his class has a quirk, and of course he is bullied. Deku position in life is tough, even a mere reader like me can feel that.