The Independent Living Debate For Seniors Needing Care

When it comes to senior housing, there are a surprising number of options available to seniors. While discussions tend to range between assisted living, senior communities and nursing homes, a significant debate exists on the issue of independent living.

Independent living is pretty much what it sounds like. A person lives independently in their home or in an apartment within a community.

The residence, however, is modified to provide assistance for the person with certain daily tasks that may seem small, but can make a major difference in their standard of living and the safety factor therein.

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So, what type of assistance are we talking about here? The first is very simple. Independent living often comes with meal options wherein the person in question is provided with two meals a day.

This may sound simple, but preparing meals can take a lot of time and require trips to the grocery store and so on. Being relieved of the burden can make a big difference too many seniors.

The second area of help is found in the more practical. The biggest concern for many seniors is a falling accident. Falling can result in broken bones, pain and death.

The placement of grab bars throughout the living area is one way to deal with this issue. This is particularly true in the key fall area of the bathroom. Placing grab bars in the shower and just outside of the shower is a critical step.