Teasing a Girl Over Text – A good Idea?

Whenever you send a text message to a woman you are probably doing everything to not offend her. That's why some men hesitate about teasing girls through text messages. But this is actually something totally normal and every man should do it.

Whenever you tease a girl by using a text message, you will say basically two things to her:

1) You aren't afraid to speak your mind and therefore a very confident guy.

2) You don't put her on a pedestal to worship her.

Because of this, teasing a girl is the perfect method to letting her know what kind of man you are and that's also why you should do it whenever you can.

Also, keep in mind that women aren't delicate flowers that need to be protected. Therefore, they don't really worry about what a guy they just met said about them. This means that even if your teasing goes a bit over the board, they won't really care that much about it.

But you really shouldn't worry about teasing girls. They are used to this and will almost always react positively to that. This is because women have learned that a guy who teases them playfully is actually flirting with them and they will in most cases flirt back.

For this reason, don't become the guy who is afraid to tease a girl because he is afraid to offend. He will rarely attract most girls over his texts because he always tries to stay as politically correct as possible and therefore never unleashes attraction in a woman. Yes, he might make him likable but not in a way a man who demonstrates his confidence does.

Because of these reasons, do not be afraid to tease girls over text messages. They will love it and respond positively to it. And even if you get a negative response for a girl, you can be sure that she isn't actually your type anyway when she doesn't appreciate your humor. Be bold and never shy away from teasing girls, they will love you for it.