The Basics Of Network Switches

The network switch plays an important role in enterprise and home networking, yet many people are puzzled about the purpose of the equipment, and how it differs from a router.

A brief overview of network switches

A network switch is a type of computer networking hardware that links network segments. It is sometimes mentioned to as a packet switch. The switch plays a vital element in most local area networks, including mid-to-large enterprise networks which use several connected managed switches.

A switch is far less sophisticated than a router. Although routers and switches look fairly alike in appearance, routers vary significantly in their inner components. Various networking devices are poe switch, media converter fiber, media converter, fiber optic media converter etc.

Types of network switches

Unmanaged Switches: This is typically the least costly type of switch, most often found in households or small workplaces. They are very simple, using plug and play technology, lacking any specific configuration options.

Managed Switches: Managed Switches provide optional configuration options and allow a variety of functions .There are several ways to control these switches, from utilizing a remote tool to accessing the switch via a command line interface.

Buying switches

There are several brand name switch manufacturers that provide competing and differentiated products, including. While switches can be purchased out of the box from online retailers, one way to save money is to find a used switch from an online reseller. A business purchaser can often save thousands of dollars purchasing used cisco or other brand name network hardware.

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